Hotel Fior

Our restaurant

The Hotel Fior restaurant, called Garden Gourmet, offers succulent delicacies and is accessible not only to hotel guests, but also to outsiders.
Restaurant hours
Ristorante a Castelfranco Veneto
Hotel con Ristorante a Castelfranco Veneto provincia di Treviso

A magnificent porch

The external area of the Hotel Fior is distinguished by a large porch overlooking the park.

In the summer season, this area is transformed into a splendid open-air restaurant, which will give you the opportunity to savor our cuisine in a unique atmosphere.

In spring and autumn, you can immerse yourself in the relaxation of the porch, enjoying a snack or a drink after a day of work or a swim.
Ristorante Hotel Fior - Garden Gourmet


The breakfasts prepared directly in the kitchens of our Hotel are distinguished by their great variety and selected ingredients. Whether you will taste a rich continental breakfast or a simple and delicious breakfast with croissants and cappuccino, it will delight your palate.
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Ristorante all’aperto a Castelfranco Veneto

Restaurant opening hours

Monday - Saturday from 19.30 to 22.00
Lunch Saturday and Sunday from 12.00 to 14.00
Closed Sunday evening
Reservation is welcome

Our outdoor restaurant.

The skilfully manicured park with its 25,000 square metres of greenery is the most suitable location for a perfect event, an expanse of lush greenery interrupted by trees that adorn it with the blue of the swimming pool in the centre offering an intoxicating colour contrast. One cannot forget to mention the magical pond lush with sweet frogs whose croaking lulls the summer days.
Ristorante con Giardino a Castelfranco Veneto

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